Steffen Hou, host

Steffen is a Danish author and filmmaker with a special focus on true crime in America. He has published several books and investigated topics such as ‘Human Trafficking’, ‘Child Abductions’, ‘Death Row’ and ‘The White Supremacist Movement’. Besides his authorship, Steffen also produces documentary movies. He has also been the guest on other podcasts, tv-shows and used as an expert by media. His latest book is, ‘The Deprived: Innocent on Death Row’.

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Christian Ottenheim, producer

Christian has worked with sound productions all his life. He started as an intern at the Danish Public Service Broadcaster, DR and has since worked as a journalist, producer, editor and programme manager. He has managed five different radiostations including P3, the second biggest radiostation in Denmark and worked as head of talent management at DR. He is now executive producer for Doceye Digital and runs his own podcast production company, Lyd&Co.

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Steffen Hou

Christian Ottenheim